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How to Make Money Online

We are no longer offering an affiliate program. Thank you for your interest. Earn Money by promoting your favorite theme, landing plan or hosting plan! When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you place within your site. When a user clicks on one… Continue Reading

How to Create a Blog

AWD Site Services provides you with a WordPress website which is a content management software (CMS). CMS provides you a method of managing your website without knowing any code. WordPress provide the features needed to create and edit a blog and publish on the internet. This process is as simple as writing an article, giving it… Continue Reading

How to Create a Website Part 2 -> Modules

Accordion   The Accordion Module allows you to insert an interactive accordion into a row. It essentially can be used as a FAQ, Q&A or feature list for text content anywhere within your layout. Audio   The Audio module is essentially a wrapper for WordPress’ core audio and playlist shortcodes. It allows you to insert… Continue Reading

How to Create a Website

Our drag-n-drop theme and content builder is included with all memberships and has several layouts to choose from as your starting point. If you decide you don’t like it, you can easily change it by replacing the current theme or to append which will create the new template under the current one. This way you… Continue Reading

When Should I use a Landing Page

Don’t waste your time using a landing page for every web idea  you have. Not only could It  be a waste of  time, it could also be a waste of money, and resources.  Follow the guidelines below to determine when to launch a landing page. All of your campaigns Once you understand how landing pages… Continue Reading

How to optimize your landing-page

Call to Action (CTA)is the text on your landing page that  informs your visitors what they should do. Unlike the heading, which tells your visitor what the page is about – the CTA  tells your visitors how to achieve  your goal of creating the landing page. Make your CTA clear and to the point such as Buy… Continue Reading

Landing Pages are created for Call to Actions

Landing pages are just what the name implies – a page that your visitor lands on. A landing page is  a standalone page that is separate from your website and designed with a goal in mind. This is important to keep this in mind – landing pages are not the same as your homepage or the welcome… Continue Reading

What are landing pages?

A landing page is a webpage that allows you to capture visitor’s information through a capture form – also known as a conversion form.Landing pages should target a niche audience such as email campaigns, e-book you have published, paid per click promotion or even a YouTube video you have posted. The landing page should always offer… Continue Reading

The Importance of Landing Pages

Savvy marketers know that once you’ve done all the hard work to your website the next step is to get inbound traffic and turn them into customers. And what is the best way to get inbound leads and convert them to customers? Landing pages!  Marketers seem to be confused on the importance of landing pages,… Continue Reading

Mobile Searches are Beating PCs in the Data Quest

You’re heading home from work and there’s a traffic tie-up. You want to know what detour will get you home the fastest. You’re in your car, but that’s not a problem, thanks to your smartphone. You’re at a restaurant and you want to know if you’ll be finished with your meal in time to make… Continue Reading

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