Web Sites

Can I move my site to your hosting?


Yes, you can. We will even move it over for you. 


What happens when I want to move to another hosting?

No worries, your site is yours and we can pack it up for you to move. You will be responsible for any plugin licenses we were maintaining and you will have to do  your own upgrades and security along with purchasing your own SSL certificate.  

Landing Pages

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage that allows you to capture visitor’s information through a capture form – also known as a conversion form.

Landing pages should target a niche audience such as email campaigns, e-book you have published, paid per click promotion or even a You Tube video you have posted.

The landing page should always offer a win-win situation, in order to get the visitors, contact information such as an email address, you should offer something in return. Offers can include a discount, free consultation, white paper, access to a video, or even a free e-book download. Information and details should be provided about what the potential lead will receive for free to convince them to provide their contact information.

There are many pathways to finding a landing page, in addition to search engines other ways include email, social media, PPC, direct traffic all referral, links from your website, links in print or other marketing channels.

Why use Drip email?

Drip email allows you to set your website user interaction on auto. You can send out an email based on a user action such as filling out a form or a time setting such as tutorials. This requires you think ahead and map out your sales approach as leads come your way. But, don’t worry, you can always adjust as the data comes in to fine tune your approach.

How do I start a drip mail campaign?

Drip mail campaigns are normally started by placing a form on a landing page or any other call to action area of your landing page. Most businesses offer something in return for a potential clients info, such as an e-book, white paper, access to a private part of a website, free quote or even a video.  Lead Landing Pages offer numerous email addon to make it easy to connect with your favorite email program. Contact us to let us know what email program you use and we will set it. 

How is tracking done?

Tracking is achieved by recording a users IP and pages visited, similar to google analytical. When a user fills out a form that info is tied to the IP and you now have a lead with past activity recorded.  Once you have a lead you can start to nurture it along your sales steps. 



Can I use different domain names for each landing pages?

Yes!  Just let us know which domain names you want to use.