How to Create a Website using drag n' drop content builder. Starter templates available.Our drag-n-drop theme and content builder is included with all memberships and has several layouts to choose from as your starting point. If you decide you don’t like it, you can easily change it by replacing the current theme or to append which will create the new template under the current one. This way you can choose which modules you want to keep and which ones you want to delete.

You will also have the option to save your new layout as a template and reuse it in another page.This is great for web designers who make starter templates for new clients.

Along with being able to save templates, you may also save individual modules and reuse as needed in other pages. You may also choose to save the module as Global which allows you to edit the module in one place and it will update on all pages the module has been added. For example, you may have a call out to call you which includes a phone number that has been added to all your website pages and you want to change the phone number. Once you edit it, the new phone number will show up on all the pages.

Starting the builder from the Front End

You’ll see a Page Builder link in the WordPress Admin Bar

From the Backend

You can also use the Page Builder tab in the post editing admin panel to launch the page builder:

The row layout options are available on any page that you create by accessing it through the panel on the right -> Add Content > Row Layouts.

To customize your page layout, drag and drop a row layout of your choice onto the page. You can then hover your mouse over the row to see the available options.

There are four editing icons: move, modify, duplicate and delete.

Row Settings -> Style

Under the row editing option, you can change the color of any text withing the row module. This is helpful if you have a dark background color or photo for the row. You can also specify a color for the background of the row or add a photo along with a border. If you select a photo, several other options will appear so you can get it looking just how you want.

Row Settings > Advanced

Under the Advance tab, you can specify individual margins/padding for unique spacing in content layouts. The ability to hide the row whether on desktop or mobile is available as well. If you are code savvy, you can also find the areas to add a CSS id or class to a row.

Page Builder Columns

In addition to the row layout settings, individual columns also contain similar functionality to tweak and obtain the layout you may be looking for. The column settings option will give you the ability to give any given column a specific percentage width, the ability to give a column a background color and borders on any side if desired.