Why Realtors need an IDX and CRM WebSite


RichVsPoorAWDAccording to a survey completed by ActiveRain, Rich Real estate agents (agents making over 100,000 thousand a year) invest more in technology than Poor Real estate agents (agents making under 35,000 a year) and over 70% of Rich Real estate agents invest more in an IDX lead website that includes CRM. Why? Because they understand a website with their branding, IDX, Lead Captures, and CRM to nurture their leads is the backbone of any successful real estate sell.

Our demo MLS site shows a slideshow of featured properties above the fold you want your prospective leads to see, a quick search option so they don’t have to look around. Below the fold is additional properties and can be what the realtor wants to emphasize such as certain communities or homes that sell for over a million dollars.

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