Don’t waste your time using a landing page for every web idea  you have. Not only could It  be a waste of  time, it could also be a waste of money, and resources.  Follow the guidelines below to determine when to launch a landing page.

When Should I use a Landing Page? All of your campaigns, Traffic from more than one source, see more...

All of your campaigns
Once you understand how landing pages work, you will understand that sending visitors to a page that is non-campaign specific such as your website’s homepage is a waste of money. You need to know if your campaigns are working so you can duplicate for other campaigns or tweak so it will work. Landing pages can  tell  works better than B to achieve ROI. Your analytic reports will tell you this. If you are using your homepage, you won’t be able to tell what works.

Traffic from more than one source
You should create a separate landing page for each source you market to such as banners, affiliates, organic and AdWords.

You are running a special promotion
Special promotions can come in quickly, you should be prepared to allow for these short-term events. Landing pages are perfect for these since they stand alone.

When the HPPO (highest paid person opinion)Marketing Manager or CEO has one of his/her “great ideas”
When someone comes up with a great idea that needs to be deployed immediately. The quickest and most effective way to do this is a  landing page that can break your normal website standards and efficiently measure results, giving almost instant feedback.